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These days technology enables us to stay connected and in-touch with friends, family and places far away.

The site means that, even though we might be thousands of miles away from Kalkan, we can log on and view real time live webcam feed whenever we have a quiet moment, need a Kalkan fix or just want to check out what the weather is doing.

From their feedback, we know how much pleasure visitors to our site get from viewing the images of the 4 cameras we have located at Korsan properties around Kalkan and this number will now increase to 7 cameras on live stream non-stop all year round.

Our purpose is to capture a wide view of the area covered by each camera meaning they will not intrude on the privacy of any individual. The cameras do not record images but provide a live feed only.

    Camera One – above the Unlimited Holidays office in the old town giving a view of the main street through the heart of the town.

    Camera Two - mounted above the Brave Tours office looking across the big roundabout and down the main street towards the centre of town.

    Camera Three - positioned on a Korsan property looking down over the town beach and into the harbour.

    Camera Four – showing Korsan Meze restaurant and Kalkan Bay beyond.

    Camera Five – showing The Fish Terrace and a wide-angle view of Kalkan Bay.

    Camera Six – positioned at Korsan Koy Villas showing a great view of Kalamar Bay.

    Camera Seven – positioned at The Korsan Suites and showing an alternative angle of Kalkan Bay and perfect for watching the comings and goings of the boats.

    We hope these windows on Kalkan will keep you connected when you are not here, we hope they will provide a quick Kalkan fix between visits and maybe provide a little sunshine on a dull day.